Frost Dates

This is approximately when I can no longer ship in Fall to your area of the states

This is approximately when I can begin shipping to your area in Spring, USA

For all who preordered their brugmansia this winter: I am going to start mailing to the states that surround Florida (Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina) on the 17th of March, 2014. Above that line (states of Tennessee and upwards) I am waiting until April 7th, you're still pretty chilly.

Texas and California, You're warm enough now. I'm just waiting on my Printer to give me the Certified Nematode Paperwork needed to mail to your States. The Order is in, so I'm hoping for the 17th, but it may be a little late, even go into the week of March 24th, 25th.

Update: Texas, Your Paperwork is done. You get Angel Tracking numbers on the 17th. Yay! California, apologies, a 1 week delay. Your Paperwork will be ready and Angels go out on the 24th.

Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and upper Illinois and upper Indiana, I'm waiting for that arctic blast to go away, and it will be at least April 7th and perhaps April 14th.

States on the upper part of the country, Washington and Oregon, it's a coastal thing. I can mail near Seattle on the 17th of March, (as an example) but parts of Oregon are still very chilly and I have to wait. I want everyone to arrive alive and frost free.

If you have a particular date you'd prefer, please email me about it.

New England, it looks to be sometime in April, anywhere from the 7th of April to April 22nd. I am watching for a window of about 5 days in a row of frost free nights to be able to send out your babies. If this occurs sooner, I will certainly mail them sooner. They really do want to be repotted, and need to go to their new Owners.

To everyone who ordered their plants in advance. Thank you, I've taken good care of them for you. They are set aside in a screened house and regularly fed Plant food and Superthrive, foliar feed. I can't wait to get your babies to you, they've really grown nicely down here basking in the Florida sun.

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