Shipping Price will depend on approximate poundage. This depends on how many Angels you order. Below is a good rough estimate. The price of postage depends upon what zone you are in. Although it is approximate, you can figure 1 Angel is about 1.5 pounds. I am showing actual Angels sent below to give you an idea of their amount and where they went. NO SALES to Hawaii and Arizona. Sorry, your state laws do not allow it. Maitland, Florida also not available.

I'd like to share a letter with you, written to me; for those of you who think my shipping rates are high.

From Merle:
I love angel trumpets, and I love your cultivars. I was wondering how you refund eBay's excess shipping charges (they really are exceptionally high). Do you send a check? Is it possible to pay with a credit card and avoid the excess shipping charges?
I wish to compliment you on your website. I spent two hours looking through it and found more information than I have ever found on any website. The beautiful pictures are a real bonus.

My response:
Hi Merle,
You'd be surprised that the shipping charges (in most cases) are not that high. The plants I send are not the typical small 'stems' sent by many other brug growers. They are packed in their soil and moist. The boxes are reinforced with bamboo rods and are large. All I do is keep an extra 5.00 per pkg. above the USPS shipping to cover the cost to pack, the labels, the inks, the bamboo rods, and the shipping tape.
As an example, I had a gentleman write me from NY last week, after he bought 2 angels and paid shipping. He wanted to know if it 'really' cost 20.00 bucks to send them to him. I explained everything to him I just did to you. When I got to USPS, it cost 15.75 to mail them out. So it is not cheap....USPS probably makes more than I do.
If I do need to refund, it is sent directly through Paypal, the same way the person paid. I just go into Paypal, and send it out to them, same as if you were sending a person money through Paypal. :) Thank you for your compliments. I love these plants and they really do get you addicted to their lovely blooms :)
PS: I would like to add this. The rates are initially based on the person ordering two plants, as they each weigh about 1.5 lbs. USPS rounds that up to 2 lbs when they charge the best thing for a potential buyer to do is order two plants, which charges an even 3. lbs. shipping. Otherwise they are charged for that extra 1/2 pound as 2 lbs. I have no choice, as again; USPS charges for two lbs., even though one usually only weighs 1.5 lbs. So ordering in groups of 2, 4, 6, etc., is wisest for the potential brug owner :)

I do refund anything that goes over the initial cost to mail and the extra 5.00 bucks for my essentials to pack with.

Alabama     Mobile (3 Angels) 3 lbs. 10.05    



California     Vacaville 4 lbs. 1.10 oz. 21.90     Vacaville 5 lb. 3.10 oz. 23.95


Conneticut     *(4 Angels) 4 lbs. 16.85


Florida     St. Augustine (6 Angels) 5 lbs. 11.25     *(3 Angels) 4 lbs. 10.25
                    Zephryhills (4 Angels) 1 lb. 5.80     Tallahassee (1 Angel) 1 lb. 6.15                                               Tallahassee (5 Angels) 3 lbs 7 oz. 8.90                                                                                                 Dunedin (3 Snail vines) 2 lbs. 2.30 ozs. 6.60     Boyton Beach 3 Angels 4. lb, 7.20 oz. 8.95     Youngstown 4 lb, .40oz. 11.50



Illinois     Palatine (3 Angels) 3 lbs. 15.40     Chicago (1 Angel) 1 1/3 lb. 9.50     Chicago (1 Angel) 1 lb 10 oz. 9.50

Indiana     Jeffersonville (2 Angels) 2 lbs 2.70 ozs. 10.60




Louisiana    Metairie 5 lb. 11.10 oz. 12.90     Metairie 6 lb.1.10 oz. 13.90



Massuchusetts     Seekonk (1 Angel) 2 lbs 7.30 oz. 12.00







Nevada     *(5 Angels) 5 lbs. 16.85    

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York     New Hartford (3 Angels) 2 lbs. 12.00     Brooklyn 3 lb. 4.30 oz 15.40     Brooklyn 4 lb. 14.50 oz. 17.55     Brooklyn 5 lb. 11.70 oz. 19.70

North Carolina

Ohio     Cleveland (2 Angels) 3 lbs. 5 oz. 14.05




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Tennessee     Lawrenceburg (3 Angels) 3 lb. 10.60

Texas     Texarkana (4 Angels) 5 lb. 15.95




Washington     Wapato (6 Angels) 4 lb 10.40 ozs. 21.20

West Virginia



*Origin: 33917.
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