September 2011

Musings on the month of September

Ah, September. It is so different down here than up north come the glorious month of September! This is usually the month that I begin to think about taking cutting and sowing vegetable seeds of tomato and pepper.Florida finally begins to cool just a bit by the end of the month. You could be sitting on a garden bench, sweltering under the hot and humid temperatures, when out of nowhere a slight kiss of a breeze goes by and you can actually feel the cool within it.

Often you question yourself...was that a cool breeze? Did I really feel a waft of air that has a hint of fall within? It's a great feeling, and the rest of the day I seem to have a secret smile across not only my face, but my soul.

Down here, hibernation is in reverse. Summers are so hot and humid that I spend most of my time indoors, watching my plants from afar. Wandering out in bursts, after allowing the air conditioner to chill me to the bone, I race outside to do essential waterings. When the chilled towel around my neck begins to warm and sweat beads my row, I begin to falter. It is time to go back inside.

But as those breezes begin to creep in ever so slowly, and an occasional shift of the winds from the southeast begin to become southwest instead, even if only for a moment or two, hope springs forth that soon I will be outdoors again.

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