Passiflora Foetida


My husband caught this shot of a Gulf Frittillary butterfly in what seems like a flip motion.

Another shot of passiflora foetida and the Gulf Fritillary. There is a tiny honeybee in these shots too. October 20th, 2013.

Passiflora foetida flowers early in the morning, and attracts many honeybees and butterflies. Look closely for the netting behind each of the flowers, a sure sign that this is in fact, passiflora foetida.

Passionflower foetida closes the flowers around noon of the same day they opened. The fruit shown above is enclosed by a sticky∼like netting, that some say also catches insects. I have never witnessed this. This same netting is borne with the flower, and can be found on the backside of the flower, which then becomes the fruit.

Passionflower foetida cultivar has two colored fruits, depending upon the cultivar. This one is the red fruited. Notice the fruit that surrounds the small black seeds in the opened one. The other color of fruit is yellow.

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