Bernstein Gallery

Brugmansia Bernstein has an intense fruity smelling bloom. A full flush of blooms can scent an area as large as 100 feet in early mornings and evening hours

Brugmansia Berstein has a beautiful calyx, that reminds one of a glove that just slips the bloom out.

The teeth of Angels trumpet Bernstein are long and curled, giving an elegant aire to this lovely brugmansia cultivar

Intense yellow and orange colors gleefully announce a Bernstein brugmansia bloom. A German brugmansia, created by Dorothea and Herbert Langenberg. Bloodline is Super Rose B. X Candida (apricot). Published in 2003.

Berstein a few days into bloom and the teeth begin to curl tighter.

Angel Trumpet Bernstein has a lime green leaf that is shiny and smooth to the touch.

Angels trumpet Berstein is a cultivar that any who collect should be sure to add

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