Fruit Salad Gallery

Beautiful indeed! The mixed coloration of this brugmansia make it one of my top ten favorites!

Another angle, same day, early November 2015. The high fangs on Fruit Salad make this plant so utterly stunning.

My first bloom from Fruit Salad, taken in early morning. Notice the blush pink in the petals, just like Lizzy's blooms.

Fruit Salad as the sun becomes stronger.

Fruit Salad the next morning. Notice how it is blushing a bit more pink this day. It began raining about 30 minutes later, so I don't know if it will spoil the bloom or not.

This is the second flush sent out by Fruit Salad. Although she is quite young, there are about 15 calyxes set, and ready to open within next few days.

This is the same bloom as shown directly above, taken the next morning.

This is same bloom as above, slightly different angle. Lizzy really did do us all a favor with this one. A stunning shape, and strange coloration leads to a collector's plant indeed!

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