Langenbusher Garten brugmansia on the last day of March, 2013

Brugmansia Langenbuscher Garten. Langenbuscher Garten is parented by Golden Sunset X Carly and created by Dorothea Langenberg. He was published in 2005 in Germany.

Langenbusher Garten Angel Trumpet.Brugmansia Langenbuscher Garten has unknown parentage, and is created by Dorothea Lagenberg.Angels trumpet Langenbuscher Garten smells like candied citrus

Langenbuscher Garten is right up there for coveted brugmansia

A shot of a single, soft bloom of Langenbuscher Garten from July 2013.

Langenbsucher Garten on a warm September day, 2013. Golden Sunset X Carly. Published in 2005.

Another angle of the same bloom, September 2013. German brugmansia cultivar by Dorothea Langenberg.

Langenbuscher Garten brugmansia shown in early April 2013

Brugmansia Langenbuscher Garten has fantastic skirts that drop in shades of pale peach to outright orange

Langenbuscher Garten Angel trumpet is a medium to tall growing brugmansia, and does well in a container or in the ground, if in zones 9, 10 and 11.

This photo of Langenbuscher Garten is from another Collector, Mr. Timothy James, near Lakeland Florida. Look how the slightly different climate has affected the blooms. Simply beautiful!

The leaves of Langenbuscher Garten can appear cupped upwards, which in many brugmansia, could indicate a calcium deficency. But in Langenbuscher Garten, it is a trait. Mine has seemed to grow out of this habit, and right now all the leaves look 'normal'.

The leaves of Langenbuscher Garten are bright green, slightly toothed and with a bit of a leathery feel to the touch.

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