Hazelnut Buttercup

Hazelnut Buttercup in early November, 2015

Hazelnut Butttercup with a stunning bloom in early morning, August 2015

Hazelnut Buttercup is bred from Harlot X New Orleans Lady and was created by Gary Morales and seedling parented by Patricia Watson. It was published in 2010.

A better shot, with more to come. Her first small flush is beginning

Hazelnut Buttercup is truly a beautiful, petite flower. The scent is nice and heady, a touch of melon scent mixed with baby powder, at least to my husband's nose. With her Daddy being New Orleans Lady, I expect the scent to be more intense as it matures and the blooms open wider mouthed.

Hazelnut Buttercup Angel Trumpet, August 2015

Hazelnut Buttercup in early August, 2015

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