Shooting Star


Shooting Star Angel Trumpet bloom not completely opened

Shooting Star has the loveliest, curly teeth, always! And since we are talking about Shooting Star, let me say this about the yellows. Shooting Star brugmansia has always been one of my healthiest, pest resistant, constant angels of all the yellows.If you are looking for a yellow brugmansia that is carefree, I'd pick Shooting Star. I will always grow this plant!

Shooting Star in the morning Sun

Brugmansia Shooting Star is a lovely, medium sized angels trumpet with yellow blooms that sometimes have green centers inside. My Mother plant has never gone over 6 feet tall.

Brugmansia Shooting Star is created by Ludger Schneider. Thank You Ludger, I absolutely love the shape and scent of this brugmansia flower!

Shooting Star gives me a small flush in mid-February, 2017

Shooting Star has such lovely, cheerful blooms. Smells like lemon blossoms!

Another angle of the February 2017 blooms

Brugmansia Shooting Star is parented by Kleine Aap X Unknown pollen donor. Published in 2007.

Brugmansia Shooting Star in mid April, 2013

Angel Trumpet Shooting Star putting out orange phase of blooms, and a six pointer, which is unusual, as brugmansia are usually 5 point blooms.

Shooting Star Brugmansia Flower up close. When photo was taken, it had rained overnight, hence the rain drops on the flower. It smells heavily of citrus flowers, especially when first opening in mornings and evenings.

The leaves of Shooting Star Angel Trumpet are fatter than they are long, and slightly leathery to the touch.

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