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Passiflora Decaiseanna flower in early morning, October 2013

Looking right into the almost open bloom of passiflora decaiseanna.

Passiflora decaiseanna needs another passionflower species or cultivar to pollinate the bloom and set fruit.

Passiflora decaiseanna is related to p. granadilla, said to be one of the tastiest of all the passion fruits.

Passiflora decaiseanna will pollinate with p. seemannii and p. gabrielliana.

Passiflora decaiseanna is a large flower, about 4 inches across.

Passionflower decaiseanna also has large fruit, if the flower has been pollinated.

Passion flower decaiseanna has thick petals and long corona filaments.

Passionflwoer decaiseanna blooms in early November, 2013

A single bloom in early November.

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