Brugmansia Spotlight

09∼ 2012

Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon is a very sturdy cultivar of brugmansia, created out of the cross First Day X Rosabella, by Susie French. A large, open mouthed flower, Pink dragon is a brugmansia that can withstand the strong summer heat of SW Florida well. Free flowering all year round, I put Pink dragon right up there with the best of the best.

Pink Dragon colors up from true pink to a deep, rich pink, almost red. Usually a five pointer, mine throw sixes sometimes. The plant is one of those that does not have to have constant watering, once it has reached a proportionate height of 4 or more feet. Large and smooth, green leaves invite the blooms to hide slightly beneath, protecting them from the hottest part of the day. This brugmansia will on occasion throw 6 and 7 pointers, as opposed to the 5 point flowers that are standard for brugmansia.

I have had no disease or fungal issues with her, while a few around her may have languished, she thrived.

Pink Dragon brugmansia also grows very quickly. I received a small 8 inch plant last September, and mine is already putting out a large sideshoot (as tall as the mother plant) and is 5 feet tall, at one year old! The main trunk is 2 and a half inches in diameter, and very strong. The leaves of Pink Dragon are not furry, like some cultivars, but are large and deep green.

During the dog days of summer, you may get a flush of shredded blooms from Pink Dragon. I have asked around through the brug community, and they all agree the heat brings this phenomenon onto the plant. These weird blooms last as long as the regular ones, and getting a few snapshots is a good keepsake. I like them, as they are different.

Pink Dragon takes to pollen of other brugmansia cultivars well, and makes a great pod parent. If you like large brugmansia cultivars, with large, fat, waxy blooms, try keeping Pink Dragon in your collection.

You can see more of Pink Dragon brugmansia here: Pink Dragon Gallery.

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