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Purple Orchid Tree Seeds For Sale This beautiful tree with a look of The Orient is easy to grow, and can withstand frost. Tolerant of temperatures reaching 18° F, these are fresh seeds from our own trees, picked for 2022. Bauhinia Variegata seeds will come up within 10 to 14 days, usually sooner. Plant just under the soils' surface. A sandy soil with added loam is best. Keep watered and in a sunny location for sprouting. This tree tolerates full sun. The large leaves are lilypad-like, and the blooms are large as well, reaching as much as 6 inches across. Their orchid-like appearance is stunning. Here in Florida, they tend to bloom for the month of February, and can bloom for as long as two months.

When the flowers fall, there is always the lovely, large foilage to look at. An evergreen, it has been known to drop a few leaves for as long as a month, although in warmer climates this usually doesn't happen. After that month, they regrow the leaves. In climates reaching below 18 degrees F., try this as a bonsai or trim roots every year in larger pots to keep it under sizeable control.

Learn more about this stunning Garden or Landscape addition by visiting this page: Care and Grow Bauhinia

15 seeds for 12.00, Shipping included.

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