Peanut Gallery

Peanut shining in the afternoon sun. These blooms are just beginning to open, so the inner blooms have not fully dropped yet.

Peanut is a beautiful, pink to peach blooming double brugmansia created by Ludger Schneider. Parentage is Kleine Lady X Rubiline seedling

Angel Trumpet Peanut on a cool December day

Brugmania Peanut blooms in peach tones when the weather begins to cool down.

Brugmansia Peanut on a cold mid winter day. Peanut has shiny green leaves.

Brugmansia Peanut bloom. Angel Trumpet Peanut is parented by Kleine Lady X (Ecuador Pink X Rothkirch) and created by Ludger Schneider. Seedling parent Delisa Harvery of the USA. Published in 2004.

Angel Trumpet cultivar Peanut blooms

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