Brugmansia Spotlight

10∼ 2012

Lagenbusher Garten

Brugmansia of the Month

This is one of the most sought after brugmansia today. Highly valued for it's pollen, one can pay an easy 7.00 to 9.00 bucks for the pollen from just one flower of this beautiful sunny yellow brug. Created by Dorothea Langenberg, there is no way you are considered a true brugmansia collector if you don't have this one. Although Dorothea did not share LBG's heritage with us, the plant continues to have an allure to brug breeders.

In my short amount of time growing it, the plant seems to be quite sturdy and bug resistant. Yellows are notorious for Stranglebrand, and yet I have heard no reports of it from this cultivar. Mine is healthy and reaching size enough that flushes are becoming continual.

The bright, clear outer yellow flower gives way to a deeper yellow∼orangish flower stuffed inside. Very pretty double bloomer, and nice scent too, as are most brugmansia.

It is said by hybridizers that Langenbusher Garten has trouble holding a pollinated flower, and the reverse is true as well. A few cultivars that have held the pollen of LBG include Mango Crush, Yellow Aurea x DDR x DDR, (Double Dark Rosetta) and New Orleans Lady, to name a few. Even with those, do not hold your breath. Lagenbusher Garten pollen dusted onto other would be pod mammas is notorious for dropping the slow forming pods, so count yourself lucky if they make it. Nonetheless, if you are lucky and get one, consider yourself a graduate into the mysterious and wonderful world of ultra∼brug hybridizers!

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