Brugmansia Spotlight

11∼ 2012

Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Trumpet Flower Shooting Star has a unique shape and lovely, deep yellow color. The throat is often yellowish green to lime green, depending upon the temperature when she is in bloom. In warmr weather, the flower can open yellow, and become orange within a few days.It has an almost translucent appearance. Brugmansia Shooting Star is parented by Kleine App X Unknown and was created by Ludger Schneider.

This warm group angel trumpet grows to an adult height of anywhere from 8 feet to over 12 feet if placed in a large enough pot, or in ground. The smell is citrusy baby powder, and strongest in early mornings.

Brugmansia Shooting Star bloom year round, and does prefer a warmer spot in the garden. It can tolerate some strong afternoon sun if kept well watered and if it's feet are in a rich, loamy soil with plenty of good drainage.

Brugmansia Shooting Star is a good angel trumpet to use in a hybridyzing program, and holds the seed pods well, if they are started in temperatures of 80° daytime, 65° to 60° night time. You can also breed Shooting Star in spring, but do it early. The seed pods will ripen faster in spring pollinations, ripening around June or July. More on how to do this on the Pollinate Your Angel Trumpets.

Shooting Star also sports some nice, long teeth that slightly curl, giving it even more appeal. These long teeth carry on quite often when used in a breeding program.

Shooting Star is a medium speed grower, in my opinion, and might take an extra few months to make the famous Y we all wait on our brugmansia to create so they can flower. But the wait is well worth it. The flower flushes on it are fantastic, and the scent is truly, heavenly. Angel Trumpet is a quite befitting common name for this gainly brugmansia.

You can click the photo above to see the Photo Gallery for Shooting Star, which includes some shots of her in the orange phases.

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