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Angel Trumpet Flame in all her glory. Wow!

Brugmansia Flame on a warm January morning. Creamsickle X Herrenhauser Garten Hybridizer: Larry Locklin, seedling parent Gloria Thaman, published in the BGI Herald in 2008.

Angels trumpet Flame is a medium growing brugmansia, and does well in a container or patio pot.Brugmansia Flame is a yellow, orange and even whitish yellow flower, depending upon the temperature and time of year. They color up and fill out as the days go by. Oh, and the pink one in the background is Dorthea, my best bloomer.

Brugmansia Flame is a double to triple blooming angels trumpet

Angel Trumpet Flame is a newer cultivar to the brugmansia scene, and being used by many nowadays to replace the older varieties.

Angel Trumpet Flame on a cold but sunny afternoon in mid December

Angel Trumpet Flame creates really beautiful blooms that color up within hours of opening. See the yellowish bloom under the large orange one?

Brugmansia Flame on a cool and wet May morning, 2013.

The leaf of Brugmansia Flame is smooth, and has a soft fur-like feeling..

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