Mandarin Twist

Mandarin Twist's blooms for me, December, 2013. This one sure has some nice, long teeth. I love it!

Another shot of Brugmansia Mandarin Twist, December 20th, 2014

Mandarin Twist Angel Trumpet. Of all the angels I've kept, this one has the strongest scent. I really love it when he's in bloom.

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Brugmansia Mandarin Twist

Brugmansia Mandarin Twist on a cool december morning. He has not fully colored up yet, maybe tomorrow?

Mandarin Twist is a new cultivar to me, so she is young and still maturing. I am in love with the warm color, and the photos over at BGI have me awaiting my own deeply colored orange blooms. Brugmansia flower colors depend a lot on outdoor temperatures, and the how mature (or young) the plant is.

The photos are a little dark, as Madarin Twist is housed under a canopy. I will move her out tomorrow for photos with more sunlight. Hopefully the blooms will color up even more. This set of three photos were taken October 17th, 2013. This cultivar seems to stay on the smaller side, (about 6 feet) an excellent choice for a potted brugmansia. A perfect shape too, I really like this one.

Mandarin Twist in Mid-December. This bloom has not yet fully opened, and I expect to see more color over the next few days. Look at those fangs! Wow! Mandarin Twist Brugmansia's bloodline is Kleine App x Unknown parent. Hybridizer: Ludger Schneider. Warm group, released in 2007.

Mandarin Twist in a full flush, early January, 2017. The fragrance reminds me of lemon blossoms!

Mandarin Twist brugmansia has a slightly rounded leaf, that has a slight leathery feel to the touch.

Mandarin Twist is coloring a bit more orange for me this cooler morning of November 19th, 2013

Another shot of Mandarin Twist same morning in November 2013. I am liking the brighter colors. Still not as orange as the German photos, but more vibrant orange than my hotter temperatures were bringing on.

Please see more of the beautiful, more orange colored photos of Mandarin Twist blooms at the BGI Gallery, Mandarin Twist. Then you'll see why I love her so much

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