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Plant Glossary B

Ballast: A type of transformer wired into fluorescent lamps

Basal: Referring to growth at the base of the plant

Basal Plate: The bottom of a bulb. New bulbs, or bulblets, can form from the basal plate

Biennial: Referring to a plant that completes its life cycle in two seasons

Biosynthesis: The formation of chemicals by living cells

Bisexual: (hermaphrodite) Refers to flower that bears male and female reproductive organs

Bleeding: The oozing of sap from a cut or wound. The purplish black or brown coloration occasionally found in media due to phenolic products given off by explants or transfers.

Break: To produce new growth, often when a shoot emerges from a bud

Bridge: A piece of filter paper or other device placed within a test tube of liquid medium to hold the culture out of the liquid. Also known as rafts or floats

Budding: Grafting using a bud of the scion rather than a part of the branch


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