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Plant Glossary I


Incubate: To grow under favorable conditions, usually in an incubator or other cbinet providing controlled environmental conditions

Indexing: The testing of plants for the presence of pathogens or contaminants

Indicator Plant: A plant that readily expresses the symptoms of a particular disease, onto which a part of another plant is grafted to determine if the latter plant is suseptible to that disease.

Inflorescence: A group of flowers borne on a single axis (stem)

Inorganic Chemical: Not organic, usually lacking carbon

Integument: The outer protective covering of a fruit, rind or seed, as a cuticle.

Intergenetic: Said of a cross between two different genera (See also intergenetic hybrid)

Intergenetic Hybrid: Hybrid from two different, but closely related; genera.

Internode: The section of stem between two nodes.

Interspecific: Said of a cross between two different species

Interstem: In grafting, a section of a stem of a species different from the rootstock and the scion that is grafted between the two in order to confer characteristics such as dwarfing

Involucral bracts: Scaly growth at the base of flower buds. See photo to right.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Isolation: In seed∼saving, the practice of growing plants of the same genus so far apart that they cannot breed or of erecting physical barriers that prevent pollen from other than the selected plants to fertilize the flowers

In Vitro: Literally, in glass (Latin) Often used interchangeably with the term tissue culture and micropropagation, it refers to growing under artifical conditions

In Vivo: Literally, in life (Latin) Occurring naturally or under natural conditions. Not in vitro

Ion: Any electrically charged atom or group of atoms, whether psoitively or negatively charged. When a compound chemically separates into negative and positive ions, the process is called ionization

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