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Plant Glossary O

Offset: A new plant that grows from the crown or stolon of a parent plant

Open Pollinated: The term used to describe a plant that will remain true as long as it is fertilized with pollen from the same species

Organic Chemical: Any of the compounds made up of molecules containing at least one carbon atom

Organogenesis: The formation of organs, such as leaves, shoots, or roots, from cells or tissues

Osmotic Pressure: The pressure potential exsisting in the diffussion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane into a more concentrated solution in order to equalize the concentrations on both sides of the membrane

Ovary: The part of a flower that contains the eggs that willdevelop into seeds if they are fertilized by pollen from a compatible plant

Ovule: The structure within a flower that develops into a seed after fertilization, consisting of the egg cell, embryo sac, nucellus, and integuments (future seed coat) Ovules are sometimes used as explants in vitro cultivation


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