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Reduction Division: See meiosis

Regeneration: The formation of new plants or plant parts

Resin Bed: With respect to water purification, a tank or cartridge containing charged resin particles to attract ions of opposite charge from impure water

Resistivity: A measure of the resistance of water to the flow of an electrical current. Measured in units of ohm-centimeters (ohm-cm), it is reciprocal of conductivity

Resolution: The ability of a microscope lens system to give individuality to 2 particles that lie in close proximity to one another

Rhizome: A fleshy storage structure from which roots and stems can grow

Root Cutting: A portion of a root that is used to stimulate the growth of a new plant

Rooting Compound: A chemical substance, in either liquid or powder form, that stimulates root growth

Rootstock: The plant that is used as the root system for a grafted plant

Rotator: A device that rotates culture containers, thus agitating the contents of cultures in liquid media

Runner: A common name for plant stolons that run along the surface of the soil or just under it. New plants can grow from nodes along the length of the runner

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