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Tare: To allow for the weight of a container, which is deducted from the total weight of the substance and the container being weighed

Taxon: (plural, taxa) A goup of living organisms, applied to groups of plants that share distinct, defined characteristics

Tendril: 1. A slender threadlike appendage of a climbing or vining plant, often growing in a spiral form, that stretches out and twines around any suitable trellis or other plant that it can use as support.

Tetraploid: 4n, Double the normal number of chromosomes in vegetative cells

Tissue Culture: Literally, the culture of individual tissues, but usually used more broadly to indicate micropropagation or in vitro propagation

Totipotence: The capability of developing into a whole plant, said of a cell

Tooth (Teeth): On a plant that's petals contain a long appendage, such as brugmansia, that appendage is called a tooth, or if more than one, teeth.

Transfer: The process of dividing cultures and placing the propagules in containers of fresh sterile medium. Also the piece being transferred

Transfer Chamber or Hood: A protected, enclosed area with a sterile atmosphere inh which cultures are started, divided, trimmed and then transferred using sterile technique

Transpiration: Evaporation of water from the stems and leaves of plants. The escape of water vapor from a plant, primarily through the leaf stomata

Tuber: An enlarged area of underground stem that includes eyes, or dormant buds, from which new plants can grow

Turgid: Refers to a plant when its cells are fully charged with water

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