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Plant Glossary E

Element: A substance composed of atoms of the same type and cannot be separated into simpler substances by any usual chemical means

Embryo Culture: The in vitro culture of embryos excised from seeds, or embryos, induced to form somatic cells. (See Embryogenesis)

Embryoid: An embryo∼like somatic structure that develops in some cell and callus cultures and is capable of developing into an embryo and, subsequently, a whole plant.

Endosperm: The nutritive tissue or liquid surrounding an embryo in the seed

Enzyme: A specialized protein that acts as an organic catalyst in specific chemical reactions

Epicormic Shoots: Shoots that develop into latent or adventitious buds under the bark of a tree or shrub, usually close to pruning cuts or wounds

Epinasty: An abnormal downward bending of a leaf due to the more rapid growth of the upper surface. It may be an indication of a nutritional deficency or imbalance

Etiolate: To develop long, spindly, growth with low chlorophyll. Etiolation results from insufficent or lack of light

Etiolated: Describes a plant that has usually elongated, is often pale, and has long shoots as a result of low light levels

Excise: To remove by cutting

Explant: The part of a plant used to start a culture

Extension Growth: New growth made during one season

Exudate: A substance that blleds (exudes) into a medium from a culture, often brown or purplish black lethal phenolics

Eye: A bud that has not yet developed into a shoot.

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