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Plant Glossary G

Gamete: The male or female reproductive cell, also known as germ cells and as microspore or pollen (male) and megaspore or ovule (female). Gametes have a haploid supply of chromosomes (n) and are the product of meiosis

Gene: A segment of base pairs in a DNA molecule that codes for particular protein or proteins determining hereditary characteristics of the organism

Genetic Engineering: The manipulation of genes and chromosomes to vary genetic characteristics

Genetic Instability: The tendency of cells to mutate

Genetic Variation: Any variationin characteristics as a result of genetic inheritance or mutation

Genotype: The genetic makeup of an organism

Germ Cell: See gamete

Germination: The process in which a seed sprouts and begins to grow its first shoot and root

Globular: Spherical in form or shape.

Grafting: Attaching one part of a plant, usually a point of the branch or bud, to another plant so that they will form a union and begin to grow as one plant

Grafting Tape: Specialized tape that sticks to itself and is somewhat elastic

Greenwood Cutting: A cutting taken from a stem that is quickly growing, and in a vegetative state.

Grex: Collective term applied to all the progeny of an artifical cross from known parents of different taxa.Mainly used for rhododendrons and orchids

Gymnosperm: Tree or shrub, usually evergreen, that bears naked seeds in cones rather than enclosed in ovaries, such as conifers. (See also Angiosperms)


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