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Plant Glossary F

Fertilization: The union of female and male reproductive flower parts

Flaming: The procedure of sterile technique whereby an instrument is dipped in alcohol and then set fire to burn off the alcohol and further sterilize the instrument

Foot∼Candle: (f.c.) A unit of measure of light intensity, based upon the illumination of one square foot of surface that is one foot away from a standard candle. One f.c. is roughly equivalent to 10 lux (0.093.f.c = 1 lux) This unit is obsolete in academia, havinf been replaced by photosynthetically active radiation. (PAR) units such as micromoles per square meter per second (umol m -2 sec -1), microeinsteins per square meter per second (uE m -2 sec -1), or watts per square meter (wm -2) The unit foot-candle is retained for this work because of its simplicity and because meters reading foot-candles are inexpensive and readily available.

Formula: (1) A chemical compound expressed in letters, numbers, or symbols to indicate its composition, (2) The ingredients, or recipe, for tissue culture media

Fulvic Acid: Fulvic acid is used by many plant growers as a supplement to their plant's health. It is mainly comprised of humus base, but have a lower molecular weight than humic acid, rendering them better for plant useage. Contains collodial minerals at a stabilization that is easier for the membranes and cells of plants to uptake and use. See PDF Document with more pertinent information on Fulvic Acid. Also used as a supplement for humans, but more often, humans use humic acid for this purpose.

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