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Plant Glossary D

Deciduous: Leaf fall at a particular season or stage of growth, as in trees and shrubs that lose their for the winter, as opposed to evergreen

Dedifferentiate: To revert to a non∼specified or unidifferentiated state, as in cells or tissues

Deionize: To remove soluble minerals and certain organic salts from water by passing the water through an ion∼exchange unit

Dibble: A pointed tool used to make holes in soil where plants can be inserted

Dicotyledon: (dicot) A flowering plant that contains two cotyledons (seed leaves) Dicotyledons are members of the class Dicotyledoneae and include species of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants

Differentiate: To initiate the growth of new and varied tissues or organs for specialized functions, process is differentiation

Dihiscent: Opening spontaneously when fruit or anthers ripen. The opening by slits or valves of an outer fruit covering.

Dioecious: With male and female flowers on separate plants, both male and female plants are needed for fruits

Diploid: Having two sets (2n) of chromosomes, which is typical for vegetative(somatic) cells

Disinfect: To destroy pathogenic microorganisms using chemical agents (disinfectants)

Distill: To remove dissolved minerals, particulates, and organic matter from water through boiling the water and then passing the steam and vapor through a condensing coil, from where it is recondensed, the distilled water is then collected in a container.

DMSO: (dimethyl sulfate) A toxic solvent that is sometimes used in minute quantities to dissolve certain organic compounds for plant tissue culture media. It readily passes through skin

Dormancy: A period in which there is no growth or little physiological activity. A resting stage. Dormancy can sometimes be broken by cold treatment or by applying gibberellic acid (GA3)

Drill: Narrow, straight furrow in the soil, in which seeds are sown

Dropping: A propagation technique in which a plant is dropped,or lowered, into the soil to stimulate rooting from the branches

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